daily obsessions

While drinking my coffee, I came across some pretty cool stuff. Check it out!

1) Kate Spade NY Summer Shoe Guide! There are sparkly heels, multi-colored stilettos and lavishly adorned sandals. My favorite is the Reena!

2) Daily Candy Dallas is just what I’ve been looking for– a site for women based on a major city. Daily Candy‘s (DC) main site features “EVERYWHERE”– AKA 11 major cities in the U.S. which have their own DC sites. And yes, they’ve got the Big D covered!

Similar to my own app search, DC features a wide variety of apps that neither me or my friends have heard of!

Many of the apps are free, and my personal faves from DC’s list are:

1) Deja Vu (free)

(it’s the one with an orange squiggle in the iTunes store)

Take photos instead of typing a memo! Deja Vu allows for visuals to trigger your memories and get yo stuff done!

2) Ness (free)

Ness is an app in search of the perfect restaurant for you! You can narrow your search based on your current location, price range of restaurant, and whether the restaurants are closed or national chains (best part).

3) Tiny Review (free)

Here’s a way for you to add text onto your photos right from your phone! Just like making a meme, this bad boy makes for some serious laughs.

Also, I’ve been curious about this new juice bar/health food lunch spot in Dallas called The Gem, and DC has a great article on it! Be sure to download the Scoutmob app so you can get a 50% discount at The Gem! You can get healthy juice combinations (The Green Glow is apparently awesome) to sip in store or in a to-go cup.

3) Hummamole. Yep, avocado hummus. The author of this Hello Giggles article about healthy afternoon snacking is not only creative in the kitchen, but witty to boot!

Have a rockin’ day,


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